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Treasures of NAASR's Mardigian Library ~ Maps and Atlases

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Maps and Atlases ~ Treasures of NAASR's Mardigian Library

Maps and atlases can be appreciated and enjoyed for a multitude of reasons—their artistry, the valuable information they convey, or their historical significance. A map is never just a map. A map is also a political statement: and it may make very different statements to different viewers. (Map shown: Philipp Clüver, Persia Sive Sophorum Regnum cum Armenia Assyria Mesopotamia et Babilonia {Leiden, ca. 1697} NAASR Mardigian Library, gift of Elizabeth Hagopian 38 x 49 cm.)

For this installment of the Treasures of NAASR's Mardigian Library, we have chosen examples and maps and atlases and a few related works from our holdings. They are not necessarily selected for their beauty (although some are indeed beautiful) nor for their age (though some are quite old) but because they tell an interesting story and reflect the diversity of approaches to mapping Armenia over the past 325 years, which is the time period reflected in the maps included in this feature.

This Library Treasures feature is part of NAASR’s 2022 focus on Armenian maps and cartography which has been supported by a grant from the Dadourian Foundation. Throughout the year we organized three lectures on this topic which can be viewed on the NAASR YouTube channel: Rouben Galichian, “The Ever-Changing Borders of Armenia in Ancient and Modern Times: The Cartographic Record”; Matthew Karanian, “Mapping the Armenian Highland”; and Khatchig Mouradian, “Gas Balloons, Emperors, and Armenian Mapmakers: A Cartographic Journey through the Library of Congress’s Collections.”

We are deeply grateful to the Dadourian Foundation for their generous support that has allowed us to highlight as aspects important and rich history of Armenia in maps and maps in Armenia.

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