About Us


The general purposes of the Association are:

1.  To foster and promote Armenian Studies through scholarship, research, and publication;

2.  To work for the establishment of endowed professorships, fellowships, scholarships, departments, and courses of instruction in Armenian Studies at colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning;

3.  To solicit and administer funds and to cooperate with universities, foundations, and similar organizations for the advancement of Armenian studies and research; and

4.  To sponsor and promote educational, cultural, and other activities and projects for the realization of the purposes and objectives of the Association.


These purposes shall be implemented by such objectives as the following:

1.  To work for the early establishment of scholarships, fellowships, and endowed chairs of Armenian Studies;

2.  To work for the creation of a Center of Armenian Studies to serve as an information, research, and educational center for Armenian studies in America;

3.  To sponsor, subsidize, and publish journals, books, monographs, and translations in Armenian history, literature, culture, and language;

4. To plan and organize periodic lectures, seminars, courses, meetings, conferences, and congresses of scholars, students, and other persons interested in Armenian studies and research;

5.  To sponsor exhibits, expositions, and other projects in order to stimulate greater interest and activity in Armenian studies, culture and affairs;

6.  To establish and maintain contact with other bodies (institutes, academies, foundations, etc.) in America and abroad engaged in Armenian scholarship, research, and publication;

7.  To publicize and stress the importance and value of Armenian Studies and to encourage qualified students to engage in study and research in the field of Armenian Studies;

8.  To solicit funds for the purchase of books and periodicals for libraries maintaining collections in the Armenian field and to encourage the donation of books, periodicals, and collections to these libraries; and

9.  To assist existing organizations and community groups in the establishment, continuation, and improvement of programs of instruction in Armenian language, history, and culture for Armenian children.