About the Lecture Series

NAASR’s lecture series is unrivaled in the United States in attracting large audiences to hear talks by leading scholars and authors in Armenian Studies and related fields.

Since the 1950s NAASR’s lecture series has been one of the most effective ways for scholars to connect with the public on a vast array of subjects including art, architecture, linguistics, literature, the Armenian Genocide, the current political situation in Turkey and Armenia, and developments in Eurasia and the South Caucasus, among many others. In its sixty years of existence, NAASR has established the standard in such programming. The presenters are leading historians, linguists, art historians, anthropologists, novelists, poets, photographers, filmmakers, and more, from throughout the United States as well as Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Australia, Ethiopia, Canada, and other countries. Approximately half of NAASR’s lectures occur in New England and the remaining throughout the United States, concentrated primarily in southern California and the New York/New Jersey area but also including Florida, Washington, D.C., Michigan, and elsewhere.

NAASR has also sponsored or co-sponsored more than twenty national and international conferences and symposia.