Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient

NAASR's Eternity Sculpture

The exquisite Eternity sculpture featured in the Eternity Garden in front of NAASR's headquarters was created by acclaimed artist Michael Aram. Fabricated in bronze, this site specific 7 foot by 7 foot sculpture was a gift of the artist on the occasion of the opening of the NAASR Vartan Gregorian Building in November 2019.


The Eternity sculpture is Michael Aram's interpretation of a traditional Armenian symbol of eternity as manifested in ancient Armenian architecture, sculpture, and manuscripts. The "Arevakhatch," or "solar cross" has been prevalent in Armenian culture since medieval times, and represents the concept of everlasting celestial life. The symbol is closely associated with Christian ideals of eternal life and salvation. Individual elements in the sculpture have various ancient symbolism which are favored by the artist.


Peacocks are early Christian symbols of immortality and resurrection as it was believed that their flesh did not decompose. As corner details, they also reference illustrated manuscripts. Intertwining vines form figure-eight shapes which are symbolic of the idea of the cycle of life, death, and regeneration while evergreen laurel leaves symbolize peace, victory, and eternity. The central flower is Aram's interpretation of the Armenian wheel of eternity, which symbolizes the progressive movement of life, well-being, and divine light.

For more information about artist Michael Aram, visit his website.