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The 44-day war launched against Artsakh in September 2020 and the alarming developments since then underscore the urgent need for accurate information. Here are links to credible sources, including reports, articles, statements, legal petitions, and other materials complied by NGOs, educational institutions, news media, religious organizations, and others. This listing is a very small sampling of the many useful resources to assist in the search for accuracy and truth.

Yelena Ambartsumian, Why Armenian Cultural Heritage Threatens Azerbaijan’s Claims to Nagorno-Karabakh, Hyperallergic (Feb. 28, 2021)

Armenian Bar Association, Artsakh

Armenian Bar Association and the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenian Cultural Heritage Report and Call to Action (Jan. 21, 2021)

Armenian Mirror-Spectator, “Armenia and Karabakh” 

Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Media webpage, "For Journalists, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh)”

Armenian Weekly, “Artsakh War” 

Artsakh Ombudsman (Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh)

Caucasus Heritage Watch


Columbia University, Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Artsakh Atrocities

European Court of Human Rights


Fury in Armenia as Azerbaijan displays war trophies, Aljazeera (April 13, 2021)

Rouben Galichian, Karabagh (Artsakh) in Old Maps (2018)

Mashinka Firunts Hakopian, Shushi’s Occupied Museums: Indigenous Armenian heritage in occupied Artsakh’s museums faces the threat of erasure and cultural cleansing, Hyperallergic (Feb. 28, 2021)

Help Armenians in Artsakh

Human Rights Watch, "Survivors of unlawful detention in Nagorno-Karabakh speak out about war crimes" (Mar. 12, 2021) 

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor, Report on Xenophobia in Azerbaijan, (by NGOs in Armenia: Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Law Development and Protection Foundation, “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor, Helsinki Association, Human Rights Research Center, and Non-Discrimination and Equality Coalition from Armenia; and NGOs in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh): “De-occupation of Hadrut” NGO, Union of Artsakh Young Scientists and Specialists, “Vector” Youth NGO, and Civic Hub)

Nevdon Jamgochian, Artwashing a Dictatorship, Hyperallergic (Feb. 28, 2021)

Simon Maghakyan, Can Islamic Shrines’ Connection to Armenians Transform Azerbaijani Politics of Erasure? Hyperallergic (February 28, 2021) 

Simon Maghakyan, Archeologist Raises Alarms Over Azerbaijan’s Shelling of an Ancient City, Hyperallergic (October 3, 2020)

Christina Maranci, Cultural Heritage in the Crosshairs Once More, Wall Street Journal (Nov. 18, 2020)

Monument Watch: Monitoring the Cultural Heritage of Artsakh

National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR), Armenian Architecture and Monuments of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and the Work of RAA (Research on Armenian Architecture), Treasures of NAASR's Mardigian Library blog

Hovhannes Nazaretyan, Artsakh Cultural Heritage Under Threat (May 8, 2021)

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), “Organized Crime Investigation of Azerbaijan”

Republic of Armenia Ombudsman

Research on Armenian Architecture (RAA), publications on the cultural heritage of Artsakh

Lusine Sargsyan, Spotlight Karabakh (Mar. 20, 2017)

Gulnara Shahinian and Democracy Today, 44-day War: War Crimes and International Law

Statement by The Secretariat of I.A.O. on the Protection of Christian Monuments in Nagorno-Karabakh (Mar. 31, 2021)

UCLA, The Promise Armenian Institute, Self-Determination, Remedial Secession and International Law: The Artsakh Crisis in Comparative Perspective (April 29, 2021)

USC, Institute of Armenian Studies, Focus on Karabakh

War Crimes of Azerbaijan Against Armenians, Karabakh Records Public Relations and Information Center

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