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Give to the Annual Appeal and help fulfill "an awesome responsibility."

"an awesome responsibility" Annual Appeal NAASR

“Being an Armenian is a merciless task and a heroic enterprise. It is a commandment, a mission, and a destiny that history has imposed on us from the depths of centuries. We are the shock troops of the struggle between light and darkness … And we are charged with an awesome responsibility.” Gostan Zarian, The Ship on the Mountain

Dear Friends,

Now is the time to give and help fulfill “an awesome responsibility.”

When I reflect on the accomplishments of NAASR during 2023, I am left with a profound appreciation for the complexity of Armenian history and the “awesome responsibility” that the 20th-century writer Gostan Zarian described in his quote above.

This past year, and with your support, NAASR achieved much success. We hosted events that built strong connections and community. We supported scholars and Armenian Studies programs, and we continued to collect, catalogue, preserve, and make available valuable materials in our Mardigian Library.

We are acutely aware that our efforts and accomplishments lie within the shadow of the pain and trauma experienced by the over 100,000 Armenians forced off their ancestral homeland in Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh this past September.

As history unfolds before our eyes, it is imperative that we continue to promote the fact-based telling of Armenian past and present. We believe that this is the “awesome responsibility” with which we are charged.

Will you support NAASR and fulfill this awesome responsibility?

Thanks to past contributions from people like you, thousands of stories representing generations of people live on today. They are alive in the following ways:

  • The Armenian story is alive in NAASR’s Mardigian Library where scholars conduct research using the over 31,000 books, pamphlets, and maps to further their studies.
  • The Armenian story is alive in NAASR’s bookstore as parents and grandparents purchase gifts that enrich and inspire their younger family members.
  • The Armenian story is alive in our robust lecture series where scholars, researchers, and lay people alike come together to learn, discuss, and debate various aspects of centuries of Armenian history and culture.
  • The Armenian story is alive through NAASR’s active partnerships with Armenian Studies programs at leading universities and other community and academic institutions and through our ongoing support of scholars who receive much-needed research grants.

NAASR is unable to do this important work alone. But together we can meet the awesome responsibility of safeguarding the Armenian story for today and for generations to come.

Please give to our 2023 Annual Appeal, and thank you for your continued generosity and commitment to NAASR’s mission.

Yours Truly,

Silva Sedrakian, Executive Director

**Consider leaving a Legacy Gift because the Armenian story lives on within the walls of our library, in our programs, and in the generous people who support NAASR. Call 617-489-1610 for more information.

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