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ODES OF ST. NERSESS THE GRACEFUL: Annotated Translation ~ Monday, April 15, 2024 ~ On Zoom

Fordham University Orthodox Christian Studies Center Jesse Siragan Arlen Matthew J. Sarkisian NAASR Odes of St. Nersess the Graceful St. Nersess Zohrab Center

Monday, April 15, 2024, at 4:00pm Eastern / 1:00pm Pacific
Live on Zoom. Registration is required and free. 

DR. JESSE S. ARLEN: Director, Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center and translator of Classical Armenian
MATTHEW J. SARKISIAN: Translator of Classical Armenian

GEORGE DEMACOPOULOS: Orthodox Christian Studies Center, Fordham University

St. Nersess the Graceful (Nersēs Shnorhali, 1102–1173 A.D.) Catholicos from 1166 until his death in 1173, was one of the great figures of the medieval Armenian Church. His most popular work is the prayer of twenty-four stanzas commonly known as “With Faith I Confess” (Havatov Khostovanim), which has been translated into more than thirty languages. He was also a prolific author and composer of hymns and other poetic works, many of which remain little known today.

This volume presents the Armenian text and an English translation of sixty of St. Nersess’s liturgical odes (tagh), fifty-eight of which have never been previously translated into English. These profound songs of praise were composed to enhance the celebration and reflect on the mystery of the various feasts and commemorations that make up the Christian liturgical year. The translation is accompanied by an introduction and extensive annotation, which brings to light the Biblical, theological, and poetic features of these literary treasures, making them accessible to the general reader in the twenty-first century.

Arlen and Sarkisian's Translation of Odes of St. Nersess the Graceful is available from the NAASR bookstore.

Fordham University Orthodox Christian Studies Center
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR)
Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center

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