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PAGING THROUGH PHOTOS AND SONGS: H. Mark and K. Ghazarosian’s Friendship in Post-Genocide Istanbul ~ Tuesday, April 20, 2021, On Zoom

Armenian Museum of America Lerna Ekmekcioglu Melissa Bilal NAASR UCLA Armenian Law Studens Association UCLA Armenian Music Program UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies UCLA Center for the Study of Women UCLA Promise Armenian Institute UCLA Promise Institute for Human Rights

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at 3:00pm Eastern / 12 Noon Pacific
Live on Zoom. Registration is required and free.

DR. LERNA EKMEKCIOGLU, McMillan-Stewart Associate Professor of History, MIT

DR. MELISSA BILAL, Distinguished Research Fellow at the Center for Near Eastern Studies and Lecturer in the Department of Ethnomusicology, UCLA

Dr. Lerna Ekmekcioglu and Dr. Melissa Bilal will follow the story of a friendship between two Armenian women in Istanbul that endured the hardships of WWI, the Armenian Genocide, and early republican Turkey’s repressive minority politics. Hayganush Mark was the leading Armenian feminist writer of her time and Koharig Ghazarosian was a prominent composer, concert pianist, and piano teacher active in Paris and Istanbul. Their intertwined lives can be traced in photographs, letters, and pages of sheet music.

Internationally acclaimed actress, filmmaker, and writer Nora Armani, mezzo-soprano Danielle Segen of the Vem Ensemble, and internationally renowned pianist Steven Vanhauwaert performed and recorded Ghazarosian’s song settings of Mark’s poetry to be premiered at this event. Through this repertoire which was brought back to life as a part of their ongoing project Feminism in Armenian: An Interpretive Anthology and Digital Archive, Bilal and Ekmekcioglu will discuss the ruptures and continuities in Armenian community life in Turkey.

UCLA Promise Institute for Human Rights
UCLA Promise Armenian Institute
UCLA Armenian Music Program

Armenian Museum of America
UCLA Center for the Study of Women
UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies
UCLA Armenian Law Students’ Association
Society for Armenian Studies (SAS)
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR)

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