Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


February 23: Lecture by Dr. Henry Theriault: “From Dehumanization to Imperial Dominance: Rethinking Genocidal Violence.”

March 9: Lecture by Dr. Simon Payaslian on “U.S. Foreign Policy and the Armenian Question: An Historiographical Analysis.”

March 23: Lecture by Dr. Ina Baghdiantz McCabe: “Armenians As a Global Diaspora Entrepreneurial Network.”

April 9: An Afternoon with Andrew Goldberg, Producer and Director of the PBS Documentary The Armenian Genocide. The event is co-sponsored by NAASR, The Armenian Library and Museum of America, and Facing History and Ourselves.

May 4: Launch of new NAASR Armenian Heritage Press and Harvard University’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations publication Bosphorus Nights: The Complete Lyric Poetry of Bedros Tourian, lecture and readings by Prof. James R. Russell.

May 25: Screening of Our Boys: Armenian World War II Veterans, by Roger Hagopian and Tom Spera. This event is co-sponsored by the Armenian Library and Museum of America. Held at the ALMA building at 65 Main Street, Watertown.

October 10: Gregory Aftandilian, “The Armenian Lobby Then and Now: The 1918-27 Period and the Present Day.”

October 22: Dr. Levon Chookaszian, “Armenian-Crusader Artistic Relations,” an illustrated lecture, at the Armenian Church of Our Saviour, Worcester, MA.

October 26: Zeynep Turan, “Objects of Legacy: Material Culture and Post-1915 Armenian Cultural Identity in Diaspora.”

November 9: Dr. Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill, “The Armenians in Canada and the U.S.: A Borderless Diaspora.”

November 18: Dr. Razmik Panossian, “Armenian National Identity: A Historical Analysis for the 21st Century,” at the NAASR Center as part of NAASR’s 52nd Annual Assembly of Members.

December 3: Van Aroian, “A World in Transition: Armenians in the Ottoman Photographs Collection of the Getty Museum,” at the Ararat-Eskijian Museum in Mission Hills, CA. Co-sponsored by NAASR and the Ararat-Eskijian Museum.

December 6: Gregory Aftandilian, “The Armenian Lobby Then and Now: The 1918-27 Period and the Present Day,” at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. Co-sponsored by NAASR and the Columbia Armenian Students Club.

December 7: Dr. David Gaunt, “Massacres and Resistance: The Genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians Based on New Evidence from the Archives,” at the NAASR Center. Co-sponsored by NAASR and the United Assyrian Association of New England.


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