Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


April 9-10: Conference on “The Armenians of New England: Celebrating a Culture and Preserving a Heritage,” co-sponsored by NAASR and numerous other Boston-area Armenian groups.

January 21: Lecture by Dr. Carolann Najarian on “Missions for Survival in Armenia.”

March 18: Lecture by Dr. Bert Vaux on “The Formation of Standard Western Armenian.”

April 29: Lecture by Florence Soghoian on “Remembering the Armenian Genocide: Portrait of a Survivor” and video presentation by Roger K. Hagopian, “The Journey of an Armenian Family: The Struggle of a Nation.”

September 23: Lecture by Dr. Vahakn N. Dadrian on “Elements in Turko-Armenian Conflict and Its Culmination in Genocide.”

October 13: Illustrated Lecture by Matthew Karanian, “Visual Journey To Armenia.”

November 6: 45th Annual Assembly and dedication of NAASR’s Edward and Helen Mardigian Armenian Reference and Research Library. Lecture by Dr. James R. Russell on “Jews and Armenians: The Inside Story.”

November 7: 45th Anniversary Banquet and Celebration, honoring Dr. Gregory H. Adamian, Dr. Richard N. Frye, Everett Berberian, and Armen Dohanian.

November 18: Launch of new edition of Neither To Laugh Nor To Weep and presentation by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman and Rev. Vartan Hartunian, “The Contemporary Message of Genocide: An Armenian-Jewish Outcry.”

December 2: Lecture by Dr. Levon Chookaszian on “Armenian Miniatures and Their Relation to Crusader Art.”

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