Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


February 21: Lecture by Dr. Suzanne Moranian, “Witness to the Armenian Genocide: The American Missionary Archives as Evidence.”

March 7: Lecture by Phillip Ketchian on “Environmental Crisis in Armenia.”

March 21: Lecture by Dr. Melor Sturua on “The Political Situation in the Soviet Union and Armenia at Present.”

April 4: Lecture by Dr. Gerard J. Libaridian on “The Present Government of Armenia and Its Operations.”

April 16: Forum highlighting “Women Survivors of the Armenian Genocide,” with Dirouhi Highgas, Alice Odian Kasparian, and Naomi Topalian.

May 16: Lecture by Dr. DeVallon Bolles on “The Future of Armenia: Turkey as a Strategic Power After the Gulf War.”

May 21: Author reception for Alice Haig, translator and editor of Judgment Unto Truth: Witnessing the Armenian Genocide, co-sponsored by NAASR, the Zoryan Institute, and the Armenian Library and Museum of America.

May 30: Author reception for Claire Mangassarian, author of Farewell Kharpert.

June 6: “An Update on Current Archaeological Discoveries in Armenia,” with Dr. Philip L. Kohl.

June 10: Lecture by Tamar Hajian and Karmit Zysman on “The Current Situation in Armenia, Karabagh, and Azerbaijan.”

June 27: Lecture by Dr. Hambartsum Galstian, Mayor of Yerevan, on “Democratic Armenia and the Future of Democracy in the USSR,” co-sponsored by NAASR, CYSCA, St. James Armenian Church, Tekeyan Cultural Association, and the Zoryan Institute.

October 20: Lecture by Armenian Minister of Culture Berj Zeytountsian on “Current Cultural Developments in Armenia.”

November 21: Report on Karabagh Conflict with Dr. Richard Wilson and Alexei Semyonov.

November 23: 37th Annual Assembly of Members, with lecture by Dr. John Huehnergard on “The Future and Status of Armenian Studies at Harvard.”

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