Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


June 20-24: NAASR Summer Institute on Armenian History and Culture at Harvard University, with sessions taught by Rev. Arten Ashjian, Michael J. Connolly, James Etmekjian, Richard N. Frye, Nina G. Garsoian, Cyrus Gordon, Ben Halpern, Helmut H. Koester, William L. Langer, Mary K. Matossian, Hagop Nersoyan, Avedis Sanjian, A. O. Sarkissian, Robert W. Thomson, George H. Williams. The Institute includes 25 daytime lectures and evening programs.

June 25: Twelfth Annual Assembly of Members.

November 21: Lecture by Robert Mirak on “Armenian Immigration to America: Problems and Lessons” at Harvard.

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