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Annual Appeal 2021 ~ Tis the Season of Giving

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During these momentous times, NAASR welcomed new executive director Silva Sedrakian to the team, never missing a beat to meet the moment and needs of the community.

Drawing attention to Armenia’s cultural and historic contributions to world heritage is crucial. Your donation will strengthen NAASR’s ability to increase worldwide awareness through live, online programming on Armenia and Artsakh of the history of the region as well as current threats and endangered cultural treasures and monuments.

In 2021, NAASR engaged a worldwide community with over 50 live programs, viewable on NAASR’s Event Videos blog and YouTube channel Armenian Studies. NAASR’s online audience comes from every continent including Antarctica drawn to these issues as well Armenian language and literature from medieval times to the present; archeological discoveries of ancient Armenia and current challenges; the Armenian Genocide and its denial; the role of Armenian women and feminist thought through the ages; and photography, film, and much more.

Many programs feature presenters who have received research support from NAASR’s Mardigian Library and grants from NAASR/Knights of Vartan Fund for Armenian Studies, nurturing the next generation of scholars and experts. To expand access to our 31,800 volume Mardigian Library, NAASR also began digitizing some of the rarest materials, in addition to cataloguing hundreds of rare books recently donated to NAASR, including the Armenian book collection of Vartan Gregorian, after whom NAASR’s inspiring new headquarters is named. Access some of our rare holdings through NAASR's regular feature Treasures of NAASR's Mardigian Library.

Adding to the quality, breadth, and depth of NAASR’s work is the high level of collaboration with partners from the academic world and the Armenian community, built over years and based on mutual trust, integrity, and a respect for scholarship as we work towards common goals.

NAASR also enhanced its online Bookstore for worldwide browsing and shipping with over 1,200 fascinating books and gifts, including our new Eternity Sculpture Ornaments, created for NAASR by Michael Aram. You can find all of this on our website,

Your contribution will fund this critical work conveying timely information, based on facts and scholarly research, supporting scholars in their work investigating Armenian cultural heritage, conserving NAASR’s Mardigian Library, and expanding NAASR’s worldwide collaborations. Please donate so that NAASR can meet these urgent needs, advancing Armenian Studies and building community worldwide.

With gratitude,

Silva Sedrakian, Executive Director

Sarah Ignatius, Executive Advisor

P.S. To honor a family-member or friend, you can also consider sponsoring an Assembly Hall Chair in their name or have their name recognized on NAASR’s beautiful manuscript of the Illuminators of the Future of Armenian Studies with a donation of $1,000. You can learn more on NAASR’s website or feel free to contact the office at

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