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We Armenians Survived!: Battle of Marash 1920
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We Armenians Survived!: Battle of Marash 1920

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By Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut

We Armenians Survived! The Battle of Marash,1920 is an unbelievable story of luck and the life affirming instincts of Armenians, including the author’s family, who not only survived this devastating battle but grew to find more strength, after being enmeshed in one of the more brutal genocidal events within the larger period of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 in Turkey. The Battle of Marash was one of the last major campaigns in the Turkish struggle for independence from 1919-1923 which subjected Armenians and other Christian people to unimaginable levels of hatred, brutality, violence and psychological trauma by Turks and Kurds.These Armenian survivors’ stories depict also how they overcame their brutal history—to various extents—via diaspora and rebirth across continents. Their personal stories, lives, and denouements are a heartening tribute to acknowledging world history and human wrongs.

Andrew Benzie Books (2019)