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by Stephen G. Svajian

Born to a distinguished family in Kayseri, Turkey in 1906, Dr. Svajian had not seen his birthplace for nearly half a century when he returned to Anatolia with his wife in 1969. After traveling through the territory the once formed the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia and stopping in Kayseri, the Svajians journeyed to the east on a pilgrimage through the heart of Armenia - now part of eastern Turkey. As Dr. Svajian desribes their tour through the ancient lands around Moush and Malatia, Harpoot and Van, and their visit to the island Cathedral of Aghtamar in Lake Van, he recalls the historical events that have made the region more than geography to the long-suffering Armenians. The fact that the Svajians found only a handful of Armenians still living there bears eloquent witness to the efficacy of the first genocide of the 20th century.

GreenHill Publishing Ltd. (1983)