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By Shahan Shahnour, Edited and Translated by Mischa Kudian

Shahnour is one of the notable Armenian writers of the Armenian diaspora. The Tailor's Visitors is a selection of some of his best-known short stories. In A Heart of Gold, Yeprakseh Hanoum, the immigrant Armenian mother who finds it difficult to fit in Parisian society, tries to help a young compatriot whom she meets in a tram, leading to extraordinary consequences. In The Tailor's Visitors, Dakess Agha, an elderly tailor, who goes to Paris with his daughter to see if they can live there, is embroiled in a series of tragi-comic incidents. In A Child Among Elders, an earthy story about two elderly neighbors in an Istanbul suburb, both keen gardeners, competing with each other in amusing intrigues, ending in disaster. In On the Edge of the Current, facets of some pretentious Armenians of Istanbul's suburbs are revealed in an episode of sustained suspense. All these stories are peppered with touches of Shahnour's humor.

Mashtots Press (1984)