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SISTERS OF MERCY AND SURVIVAL: Armenian Nurses, 1900-1930
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SISTERS OF MERCY AND SURVIVAL: Armenian Nurses, 1900-1930

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By Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill

This book focuses on Armenian nurses in the Ottoman Empire, Armenia, the Middle East, and Greece before, during, and after the Genocide. It shows how Armenian nurses laid the foundations of modem nursing, midwifery, and public health in these regions. Using documents from more than fifteen archives in North America, Europe, Armenia, and the Middle East, as well as texts in English, French, Armenian, Russian, and Turkish, this book attempts to fill a gap about Armenian women pioneers in medicine. Sisters of Mercy also examines the role played by Armenian nurses in the post-armistice period in the survival of their people during a critical period of their history. Their contributions are studied particularly within the framework of the Armenian Red Cross.

Printing House of the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia (2012)