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REFLECTIONS: Three Girls - Three Women

REFLECTIONS: Three Girls - Three Women

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By Elizabeth Mary Bohjelian

At the gala reception, Armenouhi, the proverbial poet, recited erotic verses, and absolutely shocked everyone! Garo spoke to the wedding guests. His dark eyes were on fire! His words were in tune with the happy occasion, but contained a hint of seriousness. He ended, by saying, "May there be more marriages between Armenian men and women. May there be multitudes of Armenian children born. The Turks will never annihilate the noble sons and daughters of the Armenian Nation! Our spirit is indestructible!" Garo returned to his seat next to Armenouhi. "I hope I was not too sober," he softly said. She was delighted! "I am known to shock my friends by my nonconformity. You have brought them down to earth, Garo," she whispered back. How exciting it was to be in the company of this man! She knew it would be easy to fall in love with Garo Levonian.

Xlibris (2001)