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By Haykas Keyan

The Path I Walked Along is the story of Haykas Keyan's adventurous life, beginning in the early years of his childhood, during the Czar's Empire in Russia, continuing into another epoch after the October Revolution and the establishment of the Soviet Union. In his teens he witnessed the events taking place around him and recorded them as only a firsthand observer can. It is full of sorrow highlighted by precious moments of exquisite joy; stories of love destitution and despair.

Born in the Transcaucasus, Haykjas Keyan attended two colleges: Polytechnic and Teachers' in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. During World War II, he served in the Red Army as a lieutenant and as an assistant to the chief of the secret service at the military school for officers. He was in charge of secret and top secret documents signed by Marshal Stalin. Speaking four languages he was an interpreter and interrogated many German prisoners. He also served as a reporter and investigator of crimes committed by the members of the Red Army.

A victim of persecution by the Soviet government for having been a German prisoner of war, he escaped to West Germany after WWII and emigrated to the USA in 1950. He retired in 1979 from his position as Mechanical Designer with NABISCO.

Author Published (1983)