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A Memoir

Armen Anush’s world came tumbling down in 1915, when the Turkish government deported and subsequently massacred the Armenian population of his native Urfa, as part of a larger plan to exterminate the Armenian people. In Passage through Hell: A Memoir, the author recounts the horrors of the Genocide and its psychological impact on the survivors. In vivid, documentary detail and a style at once poetic and profoundly compassionate, Armen Anush tells a story of irreplaceable loss and, ultimately, life-affirming transformation.

A boy of nine at the beginning of the Genocide, Armen Anush witnessed the cold-blooded atrocities that the Turks committed against thousands of innocent Armenian deportees, during and after their forced marches to the infamous city of Der Zor in the Syrian desert. Surviving the carnage almost
miraculously, Armen Anush was raised in the orphanages of Aleppo, and went on to become a distinguished educator and author.