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PAN-TURKISM: From Irredentism to Cooperation
Indiana University Press

PAN-TURKISM: From Irredentism to Cooperation

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By Jacob M. Landau

Pan-Turkism, a term applied to ideologies and movements aimed at uniting all Turks, has had varied fortunes in the twentieth century. It has played a continuing, at times critical role in the internal politics of Turkey itself, and it has fueled the national struggle for Turkic groups beyond Turkey.

Jacob M. Landau updates and expands on an earlier work on Pan-Turkism in Turkey in the twentieth century to include an examination of relations between Turks in Turkey and their kin abroad, in Cyprus, the Balkans, and especially in the six ex-Soviet Muslim republics in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Now that all six states are independent, repressed Pan-Turk sentiments are being reasserted, competing with communism and nationalism in shaping national identities. This book delineates the special relationship between the new republics and Turkey, which has altered the essence of Pan-Turkism from militant irredentism to practical cooperation in matters political, economic, and cultural.

Indiana University Press (1995)