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Nationalism and Socialism in the Armenian Revolutionary Movement (1887-1912)
The Zoryan Institute

Nationalism and Socialism in the Armenian Revolutionary Movement (1887-1912)

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By Anaide Ter Minassian, Translated by A.M. Berrett

This concise volume constitute one of the best available studies on recent Armenian history. It traces the interactions between political developments and intellectual currents which determined crucial phases in the history of the Armenian people during a period of revolutionary upheaval. The study covers the period between 1885 and 1914, when radical political organization - the Hunchakians, the Dashnaktsutiun, the Armenian Social Democrats, and the "Specifists" - undertook to liberate the Armenian people from the despotism and oppression of the Ottoman and Russian empires. With precision and care, the authors sketches the intricate changes in the meaning and context of Armenian revolutionary goals. Ter Minassian relates Armenian history to the larger events in the region. Her most important achievement is her ability to follow the life of ideas and concepts which, developed in western environments, are adopted and adapted to local conditions.

The Zoryan Institute Thematic Series No. 1

The Zoryan Institute (1984)