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My Armenia
Rejas Films

My Armenia

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Directed by Artak Avetyan, Director of photography: David Rozenke, Edited by Karen Melkumyan, Produced by Fr. Nerseh Khalatyan

Basic episodes in the ancient history of Armenia are presented, interpreted within the four elements of nature: water, fire, earth, and air. The film is a brief excursion into the historical past. It presents the ancient history, culture, religion, monasteries, and churches of Armenia. From Noah's Ark, the observatories of the Cyclopean era, the pagan temples and Christian monuments, and the famous observatory at Byurakan, to the most recent pages of our history, the film attempts to show what Armenia was in the historic past and what it is today. (97 minutes)

Languages: Armenian, Arabic, English, German, Italian, Russian

Rejas Films (2009)