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MEDITATION: The Children - The Future

MEDITATION: The Children - The Future

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By Elizabeth Mary Bohjelian

One evening, during dinner, Akop disclosed his discontent. "Rosie, the system is trying to break my spirit, but it's not working. I realize my brooding is causing you discomfort. But I find I'm more resilient now than ever. California is politically very backward for guys like me. My place is in New York City where progressive and leftist ideas are tolerated. I have comrades there; they're willing to help me." Vartouhy  waited for him to go on speaking. The connotation of his words relayed a message similar to his impassioned announcement more that five years ago of his decision to go off to Spain. Tonight, Vartouhy immediately recognized there was something urgent in his mine; something he wanted to do, perhaps for the good; but something which would affect their marraige.

XLIBRIS (2001)