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LOST TREASURES OF CHRISTIANITY:The Ancient Monuments of Armenia
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LOST TREASURES OF CHRISTIANITY:The Ancient Monuments of Armenia

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by Lucy Der Manuelian (2005)

In this 2005 DVD Lost Treasures of Christianity: The Ancient Monuments of Armenia, Dr. Lucy Der Manuelian  presents a spellbinding look at Armenia's medieval castles, churches, and monasteries, stone-carved images, and brilliantly colored illuminated manuscripts that provide clues to some of the most haunting questions in the history of medieval art.

The half-hour documentary tells the story of one scholar's mission to bring to light Armenian art and architecture that most of the world has never seen. Dr. Der Maneulian takes viewers on an extraordinary journey across Armenia as she uncovers the country's rich architectural legacy and draws connections to Western culture, art, and architecture. Her search for answers highlights some of the churches and monasteries that have existed for more than a millennium.

Set to moving and evocative music written and performed by Armenians, Lost Treasures of Christianity captures the beauty and majesty of historic Armenia and the determined spirit of Dr. Der Manuelian who through this documentary introduces a new generation to Armenian art and history.