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Ashod Press


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By Jack Antreassian

"I say I am writing to you from nowhere, and you have to wonder where it is exactly that I'm supposed to be. I think of how I might explain, but I'm not really sure myself. I may have wandered off to a distant island of my own mind, isolated there in dubious refuge, stranded between abiding affection for the community in which I have spent most of my adult life, and a sense of alienation from its oppressive parochial limitations, a narrowness of mind and spirit constricting an otherwise viable social environment. it's not remarkable, I suppose, to feel like a stranger in one's own home; but it seems to me another matter altogether to feel love and gratitude for something, and at the same time wonder if it is worthy of either. it is an experience that many may share, each suffering his own peculiar estrangement, until each finds at last that there is really nowhere to go." Jack Antreassian

Ashod Press (1991)