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Karabakh Diary ~ Poems from the Diaspora / Ղարաբաղյան օրագիր
Heghinakayin Hratarakutyun

Karabakh Diary ~ Poems from the Diaspora / Ղարաբաղյան օրագիր

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By Alan Whitehorn, Translated from English to Armenian by Hermine Navasardyan, Edited by Vahe Arsen

This bilingual collection of personal and political poems expresses in diary form the author's reflections on the existential threats and crises confronting Armenians in the contemporary era. He outlines both the fears and hopes about Karabakh, Armenia and the South Caucasus. The poems span the years from 2005-2021 and focus on the lead up to, turbulent times during, and the post-war period of the 2020 Karabakh War. The poems explore the dangers, dynamics, and grim prospects of peace in the historic conflict-ridden region. The author also suggests a difficult, but possible way forward.

Heghinakayin Hratarakutyun / Հեղինակային հրատարակություն (2022)