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FRUITS OF FREEDOM: Writing from the Heart
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FRUITS OF FREEDOM: Writing from the Heart

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By Astine Zadourian

The world spins in one direction, but its people have never traveled on just one path. Disparate nations are always exchanging something: goods, people, ideas. It happens daily, and immigrants are a unique bridge for all three categories. Immigrants bring with them the knowledge and experience of another country, and those elements will shape the lives they lead in their new homes.

This work is difficult to categorize, and that's an advantage, One cannot force a person's life into a singular genre. The stories contained herein range from philosophical musings on the truth in art and music, to one's convictions built though hard-won experience. They are nostalgic, inventive, political and always honest. You'll learn a lot about someone else, and perhaps a little about yourself as well.