FIRES OF HATRED: Ethnic Cleansing in the 20th Century Europe

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Edited by Steven Béla Várdy and T. Hunt Toomey / Associate Editor Agnes Huszár Várdy

This book provides an insightful history of ethnic cleansing and its relationship to genocide and population transfer. Focusing on five specific cases, it exposes the myths about ethnic cleansing, in particular the commonly held belief that the practice stems from ancient hatreds. Naimark shows that  genocide had its roots in the European nationalism of the late nineteenth century but found its most virulent expression in the twentieth century as modern states and societies began to organize themselves by ethnic criteria. The most obvious example, is the Holocaust. Naimark also discusses the Armenian genocide of 1915 and the expulsion of Greeks from Anatolia; the Soviet forced deportation of the Chechens and the Tatars in 1944; the Polish and Czechoslovak expulsion of the Germans in 1944-47; and Bosnia and Kosovo.