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CRY OF SILENCE: Traces of an Armenian Memory
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CRY OF SILENCE: Traces of an Armenian Memory

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By Antoine Agoudjian

Antoine Agoudjian’s comprehensive tome is dedicated to the Armenian cultural memory and identity; it marks the centenary of the Armenian genocide. Agoudjian’s evocative images explore cultural memory and identity in the face of wholesale extermination and consequent exile; his exhibition in 2011 was the first on this subject to be exhibited in Turkey since the 1915 genocide. His work evolved that same year from black and white to color photography, and his message of tolerance transcends beyond the Armenian community, offering hope in the irrepressible strength of the human spirit. With photographs taken worldwide over the course of thirty years, Agoudjian documents what must not be forgotten in powerfully moving and intimate images.

Fammarion (2015)