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As told by Talene Dadian White

Five Books in Armenian

Hagop and the Hairy Giant takes place in Masis, Armenia, where our hero Hagop scales a magic noorr (pomegranate) tree to rescue the lovely Maryam, a prisoner of Medz Mazod, the hairy giant. But before he saves the girl, Hagop must first go head-to-head with Medz Mazod, battling him with kebab shish, leading to other adventures with the giant’s magic oud and golden hav (chicken).

The Gurabia Man is set in Sevan, Armenia, where the Donigian family is busy baking gurabia cookies for Dzenoont (Christmas). The little gurabia man springs to life and causes all kinds of mischief on the family farm before finally meeting his doom at the paws of a hungry aghves (fox) in Lake Sevan.

Little Red Hood and the Kesh Kayi tells the story of Little Red Hood (Gamir Klkhargig) as she set out to Medz Mayreeg's (Grandma's) house to bring her sick grandmother some freshly baked lamajun. Little does she know, the kesh kayl (bad wolf) is hot on her trail, as lamajin is his favorite food to eat! The kesh kayl tricks Little Red Hood and arrives at Medz Mayreeg's house before, hungrily waiting for the lamajun to arrive. The kayl's plot to steal the lamajun is ultimately foiled when Medz Mayreeg and some lumberjacks arrive on the scene to rescue Little Red Hood and the lamajun.

The Three Little Karnoogs (lambs) set out into Jermuk, Armenia to build their own homes and make their Mayreeg (mother) proud. However, a wicked kayl (wolf) is determined to eat a karnoog meal, disguising himself as a neighbor brining pakhlava and a boy selling Jermuk mineral water. Houses are blown down, and more devilish tricks are unveiled, until finally, the kayl ends up with a burned voreeg (butt) in some hot madzoon aboor (yogurt soup).

Voski and the Archoogians takes place deep in an Armenia forest at the home of the Archoogian bear family. Mama Bear prepares an excellent Armenia feast, which draws Voski directly to their home for a taste, while the bears are away. After gorging herself on mezze (appetizers), jash (dinner) and anousheghen (dessert) Voski is discovered by the bears and flees. However, in true Armenian sashion, the bears forgive Voski and invite her to stay and share their meal.

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