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BARONESS COX:  A Voice for the Voiceless
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BARONESS COX: A Voice for the Voiceless

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by Andrew Boyd (1998)

Whether in the cellars of Nagorno Karabakh where enemy missiles rain down, the foxholes of Sudan, or the mine-strewn jungles of Burma, Baroness Cox is never far from the frontline.

She is a tireless campaigner for human rights around the world, often risking her life to gather first-hand evidence that will spellbind and stir the conscience. Hers is one of the great untold adventures of our time.

A qualified nurse, she became a sociology lecturer in north London before being elevated to the peerage. After just five months as a Junior Government Whip, she resigned the post to leave her free to take truckloads of medical aid to Poland. Today [1998} she is a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords and UK President of Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

Caroline Cox is a national heroine in Armenia and celebrated across the globe. This remarkable grandmother continues to strive to be a voice for the voiceless, and her life stands out as a beacon to all.

A Lion Book (1998)