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AWAKENING ~ English Translation
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AWAKENING ~ English Translation

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By Malkhas, Translated by Simon Beugekian

Awakening is a fascinating story of collective revival and captures the struggles and triumphs of Armenians living across three empires. At the turn of the twentieth century, as the map of the world was redrawn and the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Armenians committed themselves to a struggle toward self-determination and to rousing their compatriots from their centuries-long slumber of servitude.

Awakening tells the tale of a cast of men and women, who both shaped and weathered the events that would redefine an entire people. The story, which spans two decades, is a fictional narrative written by a man who was an activist and an organizer in the Armenian revolutionary movement. as such, Awakening is a historical novel deeply rooted in actual events and offers a fresh, critical, and intimate glimpse into the heart of the great changes that swept the world, including Armenia, a hundred years ago, and stat still define the world today.

This is set of 3 books, 1738 pages.