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ARMENIANS IN BULGARIA: Identity and Historical Memory
Mazda Publishers

ARMENIANS IN BULGARIA: Identity and Historical Memory

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By Takuhi Tavityan

This book is a study of the identity and historical memory of the Armenian community in Bulgaria. From an innovative research perspective it presents an analysis of various events and people who have been remembered by the Armenians in Bulgaria - from the historical memories of events and people from the past, the present-day Armenian identity emerges. This perspective of the topic has been achieved by analyzing historical sources and historiographic writings, researching periodicals and the Internet, conducting anthropological interviews and surveys among the Armenian community. Thus, based on a rich array of sources, this book outlines the place of the Armenian media maintaining the identity of a group within a diaspora, numerous aspects of the historical memory and collective identity of the Armenians in Bulgaria, and the various factors which have impacted on their form and function in the present-day context.

Mazda Publishers (2021)