ARMENIAN VEGAN: A Pure Vegan Cookbook with 200+ Recipes using no animal products

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by Dikranoughi Kirazian

Armenian Vegan: A Pure Vegan Cookbook With 200+ Recipes Using No Animal Products, prepare to enter a whole new world of nourishing meals. All the meals (and snacks!) are here: Included are all your favorites: Stuffed Grape Leaves, Rice and Bulghour Pilaf, Vegetable Medleys, Paklava, Hearty Breads--all given with carefully chosen ingredients and easy-to-follow preparations. In addition to all the Classic Armenian vegan recipes, author Dikranouhi Kirazian adds her own delightful touches to these favorites--and to new recipes she herself has created. The results are meals that are healthful, easy to prepare, and appealing to all Vegans. Armenian Vegan will open up a whole new world of culinary delight -- meals that will satisfy discriminating tastes and motivate you to add your own creative touches.

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