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ARMENIA: State People Life
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ARMENIA: State People Life

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Photographed and Written by Arthur Tcholakian

This book captures with the geographical reality of this country, the complexities of its government in working order, the essence of its culture, industry, science, religion, education, and the warmth of the people, from the families enclosed in the most remote and austerely beautiful mountains to the sophisticated artists, writers, singers, and dancers of Armenia’s 2,756 year old capital, Yerevan. Wild flowers blooming near the receding frost line in spring; mountaineers beating out the rhythm of the earth on traditional musical instruments; factory workers creating the miracles of technology out of elemental raw material, all fuse to become universal in the fine, magnificent volume, which in its depth and scope, is greater than any photographic coverage ever attempted on the Soviet Union.

Paradon Publishing Company (1975)