ARMENIA and KARABAGH: The Stone Garden Travel Guide - Third Edition

$ 24.95


by Matthew Karanian

"Armenia and Karabakh" is unique as the largest and most colorful guidebook available for these countries. This is also the ONLY travel guide that specializes ONLY in Armenia and Karabakh. Its 320 pages are filled with more than 140 vibrant color images, and 27 detailed color maps. The text -- which is written in a conversational tone that's easy to read-- is comprehensive and filled with the wisdom of authors who are as comfortable in Armenia as they are when they are traveling back home in the US.

This is the only travel book on Armenia that is truly an "insider's guide." This is because its author Matthew Karanian, and its photographer Robert Kurkjian, have each lived, worked, and traveled throughout the region for nearly two decades. 



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