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ARMENIA IN CRISIS: The 1988 Earthquake
Wayne State University Press

ARMENIA IN CRISIS: The 1988 Earthquake

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Translated by Levon Chorbajian  / Foreward by Gérard Challand

Armenia in Crisis documents the tragic Armenian earthquake and the surrounding political controversies that rocked the Soviet Union and contributed to its collapse. In sparse and gripping prose, Pierre Verluise uses the accounts of survivors and relief workers to tell the story of this catastrophe in its human and political dimensions. Relying on personal interviews and press reports, he recounts the destruction and despair, the emotional reactions of survivors and relief workers, the political struggles between Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and the Armenians, and the shortcomings in Soviet construction methods and disaster preparedness. Verluise provides insight into human behavior that result from being faced with sudden, massive, and irrevocable loss, and the slow, painful process of rebuilding.

Wayne State University Press (1995)