1823 RUSSIAN SURVEY OF THE KARABAGH PROVINCE: A Primary Source on the Demography and Economy of Karabagh in the Early 19th Century

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by George A. Bournoutian

For the last 20 years the Azerbaijani government and its historians, as well as their propagandists in the U.S., have claimed that Armenians arrived in Karabagh only after 1828. They have even deleted material on the Armenians from the new editions of their own primary sources written in the 19th century. The Russian survey proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that in 1822 (six years before 1828) the Armenians formed the overwhelming (95%) of the population of the villages in Zangezur, as well as in the districts which form the territory of Nagorno-Karabagh today. The survey was conducted by Russian officials, who examined the tax-rolls of the Muslim accountants and interviewed Muslim officials.