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100 Years: 1915-2015
Hrair Hawk Khatcherian

100 Years: 1915-2015

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by Hrair Hawk Khatcherian

Adana, Van, Sis, Tokat, Malatya, Ani, Kutahya, Agn, Moush, Palu, Kars, Ardahan, Sasoun, Khizan, Erzurum, Trabizon, Sivas, Ararat, Kayseri, Tomarza, Bitlis, Aintab, Marash, Kharpert, Oltu, Urfa, Zeytoun. This massive publication presents the latest collection of photographs of Hrair Hawk Khatcherian who, since 1997, has covered all the regions from the Bosphorus to the borders of present-day Armenia, in more than 30 separate expeditions. "While the year 1915 will forever serve as a marker for the annihilation of an ancient and vibrant culture, the images from this publication serve as a rich and varied counterpoint, showing the vibrant life that the executioners have been unable to eradicate." -- Claude Mutafian