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RESISTANCE: A Diary of the Armenian Genocide 1915-1922
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RESISTANCE: A Diary of the Armenian Genocide 1915-1922

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by Misak Seferian, Edited by Pearl Perouz Seferian

The only seven-year, primary source documentation of the Armenian Genocide and the beginning of the Russian Revolution written by a resistance fighter who kept a daily diary of the events he participated in or witnessed. It is a front-line report on the period from 1915, when Misak Seferian's village in historical Western Armenia was invaded by Ottoman Turks, to 1922 when he escaped from a Bolshevik prison.

Misak Seferian came to Canada in 1923 and immediately began to write from his notebooks. Hundreds of his articles were published in serial form in the Armenian edition of The Hairenk newspaper in the 1930s and early 1940s. This book is a translated and edited version of those writings.

Tavrez Publishing (2015)