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By Abram L. Sachar

Historian, lecturer, and university president, Abram Sachar is uniquely qualified to write this bold and sweeping history of the twentieth century. Based on his highly popular public television series, The Course of Our Times makes clear the underlying cause of the great events and fundamental historical trends of the era. Dr. Sachar's overview extends from the eve of the World War I to the present, bringing to life with insight and understanding an immense cast of historical figures from Wilson, Gandhi, and Hitler to Churchill, De Gaulle, Nasser, and Mao.

The author also emphasizes the influence of social events on this century, lucidly describing such complex and tangled themes as the relationship between Russia and China, the decolonization of the nonwhite nations in the Southern Hemisphere, the power balances of the Middle East and Europe, and the effect of nuclear threat and population growth on the future of the world. Vividly written, packed with the memorable events of this century, The Course of Our Time is testimony to the genius of history.

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (First Edition: 1972)