JOURNAL OF ARMENIAN STUDIES: Volume III, Numbers 1 & 2: 1986-1987 Identity and Assimilation: The Armenian Experience in America

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Papers Presented at the National Conference Organized and Co-Sponsored by NAASR with the cooperation of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations of Harvard University.

Preface by Oscar Handlin
Introduction by Robert Mirak
The American Perspective
by Nathan Glazer
The Armenian Perspective
by R. Hrair Dekmejian
'Worcester Is America'
by H. Martin Deranian
From Ararat to America: The Armenian Settlement of New Jersey
by Gary A. Kulhanjian
Early Armenian Settlement in Canada: An Overview
by Isabel Kaprielian
Becoming American: Peddling and the Syrian Immigrants, 1880-1914
by Alixa Naff
Family and Kinship in the Armenian-American Community
by Joan Bamberger
Church Reform in America: The Diocesan Assembly of 1923
by George B. Kooshian, Jr.
Armenian Intermarriage in the United States, 1950-1976
by Aharon G. Aharonian
The Armenian School Movement in America
by Pergouhi N. Svajian
The Forty Years of Musa Dagh: The Film That Was Denied
by Edward Minasian
Armenian Immigration to the United States from the Middle East
by Harold Takooshian
Alan Hovhaness: The Wellspring of His Music
by Sahan Arzruni
William Saroyan and the Armenian Ethnic Experience in America
by Dickran Kouymjian
Arshile Gorky's Armenian Sources
by Harry Rand