JOURNAL OF ARMENIAN STUDIES: Volume II, Number 2: Fall/Winter 1985-86

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The Paulician Movement in Armenia
by Charles A. Vertanes
Insights into the Orbelian Principality
by John L. Gueriguian
Armenians in the Ukraine
by Yaroslav Dashkevych
Musa Dagh: The Film That Was Denied
by Edward Minasian
A Tale of Two Genocides
by Max M. Laufer
Of Research, Studies, and Scholars:
Who Was Gabriel of Melitene? by Gabriel Donner
Reflections on Armenian Philately by Thomas T. Amirian
Book Reviews: An Introduction to Classical Armenian, by Robert W. Thomson; Baraknnakan ev stugabanakan hetazotyunner, by E. B. Aghayan; An Introduction to the Study of Classical Armenian, by Robert Godel; Zeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung, Vol 89/1, 1975 (all reviewed by John A. C. Greppin); Britain and the Armenian Question, 1915-1923, by Akaby Nassibian (reviewed by Ara Arthur Gelenian