JOURNAL OF ARMENIAN STUDIES: Volume II, Number 1: Spring/Summer 1985

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Armenian Studies in the Next Decade: Observations and Reflections
by Hagop J. Nersoyan
A New View of Armenian Origins: The Indigenous Armenians and the Gamkrelidze-Ivanov Hypothesis
by John A. C. Greppin
Armenians in Byzantium: Some Reconsiderations
by Stephen Gero
The Bagratids in Armenia and Georgia
by David Marshall Lang
The United States and the Armenian Question, 1894-1927: An Historiographical Appraisal
by Thomas A. Bryson
The Birds of the Hrazdan Gorge in Yerevan
by Mary E. H. Greppin
Of Research, Studies, and Scholars:
Artasches Abeghian (1878-1955)
Book Reviews
: A Catalogue of Medieval Armenian Manuscripts in the United States, by Avedis K. Sanjian (reviewed by Robert W. Thomson); The Chronicle of Petros di Sarkis Gilanentz, translated by Caro O. Minasian (reviewed by Helen Sahagian); Torn Between Two Lands: Armenians in America, 1890 to World War I, by Robert Mirak (reviewed by Joan Bamberger)