JOURNAL OF ARMENIAN STUDIES: Volume IX, Numbers 1-2: 2010

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Armenian-Turkish Dialogue and the Direction of Armenian Studies: Papers from the NAASR Symposium
by Marc A. Mamigonian, Gerard J. Libaridian, Rachel Goshgarian, Taner Akçam, Christina Maranci, Richard G. Hovannisian, and Kevork B. Bardakjian

The Script of the Dove: An Armenian Hetaerogram
by James R. Russell

The Armenian Way of War in the 4th-5th Centuries A.D.
by Nick Bagdasarian

The Search for Pilig and the Feasibility of an Armenian-Kurdish Accord: Pilig’s Testimony
by Sonia Ketchian

Ararat Redux: Abovian, Parrot, and the First Ascent
by Philip P. Ketchian

An Enduring Myth: The Origins of the Name “Armenia” in Colombia
by Vartan Matiossian

A Commentary on the Turkish “I Apologize” Campaign
by Marc A. Mamigonian