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Terörist: Bir Devletin Portresi ~ Portrait of a Terrorist State
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Terörist: Bir Devletin Portresi ~ Portrait of a Terrorist State

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By Garbis Altınoğlu,  Translated by Attila Tuygan

Turkish translation of the book Portrait of A Terrorist State: A Summary of the Ordeal of Political Captives in Turkish Prisons

"The atrocities suffered by political prisoners in Turkey's prisons form the backbone of this book. Most of the materials presented cover the period between September 1980, when the military junta came to power, and November 2000, but the study has been expanded and information on the history of Turkey has been shared to shed light on the background of the events.

The main purpose of this study is to reveal that systematic attacks against political prisoners are an integral part of the campaign against the workers, peoples and their progressive forces for the sake of maintaining the 'establishment'. On the other hand, it should also be taken as a protest against amnesia imposed on society.
This particularly dirty and bloody chapter of Turkey's history must be recorded and never forgotten. The work in your hand, with all its content, is not a book in the full sense of the word; rather, it is an indictment against fascism." Garbis Altinoglu

Belge Yayinlari (2021)