A QUESTION OF GENOCIDE: Armenians and Turks at the End of the Ottoman Empire

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Edited by Ronald Suny, Fatma Mügue Göçek and Norman M. Naimark

One hundred years after the Armenian genocide, it is still a victim of historical distortion, state-sponsored falsification, and deep divisions between Armenians and Turks. Working together for the first time, Turkish, Armenian, and other scholars present a reconstruction of what happened and why. 

This volume looks at how the event has been written about in Turkey and the West; what was happening on the eve of the catastrophe; portraits of the perpetrators; detailed accounts of the massacres; how the event has been perceived in both local and international contexts, including World War I; and reflections on the broader implications of what happened then. The result is a comprehensive work that moves beyond nationalist master narratives and offers a more complete understanding of this tragic event.