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Notable Women in Modern Armenian Drama: An Anthology
Armenian Heritage Press

Notable Women in Modern Armenian Drama: An Anthology

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Edited by Nishan Parlakian

While the problems facing women in contemporary Armenian society may not receive the attention they deserve in today's Armenian theater, there is ample historical precedent for the serious treatment of such issues in modern Armenian drama beginning in the late nineteenth century starting with Gabriel Sundukian and Aleksander Shirvanzade.

In Notable Women in Modern Armenian Drama: An Anthology, Nishan Parlakian, one of the leading authorities on the Armenian theater, has assembled a diverse collection of plays that present not only the limitations faced by women in Armenian society in the periods portrayed, but also depict those who seem not to be disoriented or governed by stultifying rules and laws of an unwritten code of behavior ostensibly given silent assent by the general public.

These six plays, two presented here in English for the first time, provide both though-provoking insights into the role of women in Armenian society and well-crafted and entertaining examples of Armenian drama at its best. Contents: "Did She Have the RIght?" by Aleksandr Shirvanzade, translated by Victoria Rowe "The Ruined Family" by Gabriel Sundukian, translated by F. B. Collins "Uncle Balthazar" by Hagop Baronian, translated by Ervant D. Megerditchian "The Eternal Flame" by Suren Partevian, translated by Aris G. Sevag "The Bride" by Zabel Asadur, translated by Nishan Parlakian "Be Nice, I'm Dead" by Aramashot Babayan, translated by Nishan Parlakian.

AIWA and Armenian Heritage Press (2009)