Cummings Foundation Grant Recipient


March 13: Lecture by Dr. Karen Yuzbashian on “The Battle of Avarayr and Its Historical Role.”

April 19: Lecture by Prof. James R. Russell on “The Role of the Epic in Armenian Literature.”

May 24: Lecture by Dr. Moorad Mooradian on “The Karabagh Dilemma.”

May 31: Panel Discussion on “Education in Armenia: Trends, Issues, and Methods” with educators from Armenia, co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

June 7: Lecture by Dr. Bert Vaux on “The Muslim Armenians of the Black Sea Coast.”

August 9: Panel Discussion: “Partnerships to Promote Civil Society in Armenia,” co-sponsored by NAASR and CYSCA.

September 20: Illustrated Lecture by Nancy and Sam Sweezy on “Armenian Folk Arts and Identity.”

October 18: Lecture by Thomas Ohanian on “Coming to Terms with the Armenian Genocide: New Voices, New Methods.”

November 3: 47th Annual NAASR Assembly, with lecture by Prof. Michael Stone on “Armenian Studies in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.”

November 15: Lecture by Dr. Bert Vaux on “Nagorno-Karabagh: Population, Language, and Cultural Change,” co-sponsored by NAASR and Harvard’s Armenian Students Society.

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